C 54-55, EPIP, Shastripuram 282007 Agra IN
C 54-55, EPIP, Shastripuram Agra, IN
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Campaign details
Beadsnfashion is an eCommerce site. Where customers can directly place the order from the website. We'll pay flat 15% commission against every order placed (whether prepaid order or COD orders). However, no payment, if the order has been cancelled or, failed. 

Tracking method
We'll provide you with unique UTM trackable URL's which we'll be tracking through GA and will share the daily traffic report which includes details of website visitors along with the details of the transaction if the order is placed. Using the order id, we'll do the validations at the end of the month and provide 15% commission against the total sale amount you've delivered. 
For more details, please reach out directly to abhay@beadsnfashion.com

Commission PercentageSale AmountDuration
10%Up to 10000 RsMonthly

Sale commission Percentage will be given on the total completed sale (failed or cancelled order will not be included)