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Crafts Wire - Copper, Silver, Gold Plated Colored Aluminium Wire

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Buy colourful Craft Wire & wire for Jewellery making individually and in bulk from BeadsnFashion at affordable price. BeadsnFashion is the Jewellery Supplier and market leader in providing Craft Wire, Brass Craft Wire, Beading wire, Aluminium wire , thin wire for crafts , Gold plated Craft wire, silver plated craft wire,  colored wire and other products like Pendants, Beads, Earrings, and more at the best rates. They are available in various colours and sizes. We provide worldwide shipping for Craft Wire,  Craft wire for rings,  craft wire of Brass Beading wire and more items. Cash on delivery is available across India and nominal charges for worldwide shipping.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Aluminum craft wires are quite soft and can be easily given shapes , these are mostly used to make where there are multiple wrappings or usage of hands and simple tools to give shapes, Aluminum craft wires are available from 0.5mm to 2.5mm in more than 10 colours which are anodized

    Brass and copper craft wires are used in wire wrapping pendants or Jewelry pcs where hard [ fix] shapes are to be made these are available in copper,  gold and silver platings

    Yes, for wire wrapping pendants , beads, stones craft wire is used and it gives a personal touch to the jewellery piece

    Copper craft wire with natural coppertone is the best to wrap crystals or stones