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The great Indian Jewellery Karigars

  • By Madhavi
  • •  Jan 01, 2020
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The Karigar Way

The great Indian Jewellery karigars have been creating the rich & traditional beautiful jewellery for generations. They have been associated with the kings and queens once upon a time where they made the royal jewellery. They have been successfully passing on the art to their heir and hence holding on to the traditional craftsmanship.  over the years, the art has modified itself to suit the designs and techniques to suit the new era of jewellery. The karigars now work with the Indian Jewellery designers, creating the rich trendy collections.  
We at Beadsnfashion, pay our tributes to this great Indian Karigar! We will showcase the fantastic designs and techniques used by these karigars to the Indian Jewellery designers and hobbyists. And hope to learn along with the Karigars while we pass on the tips and techniques to the audience. 
So, stay connected and do not miss out on the conversations and designs.
Create your best!

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